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RX7 FD3S Interior Carbon Trim Set

RX7 FD3S Interior Carbon Trim Set

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Exclusive 4-Piece Interior Set for FD3S RX7 - Carbon Fiber and Forged Carbon Options

*** Please send us a note if you would like custom color ***

Upgrade your FD3S RX7's interior with our meticulously crafted 4-piece set, designed for enthusiasts who value sophistication and superior quality. This set includes:

- **Shifter Bezel:** Enhance the area around your gear shift with a touch of elegance.
- **Radio Bezel:** Give your radio area a sleek and stylish upgrade.
- **Gauge Cluster:** A refined frame for your instrument panel, offering both beauty and durability.
- **Gauge Hood:** Complement your dashboard with a sleek hood that adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Available in two high-end materials:

- **Carbon Fiber:** Known for its lightweight and strength, the carbon fiber components provide a modern, sporty look. Customizable with most colors

- **Hex Carbon:** Honeycomb style carbon creates a unique look rarely seen in carbon fiber. Stand out from the crowd. Customizable with colored carbon.

- **Forged Carbon:** With its unique marbled texture, forged carbon adds a distinct and luxurious feel to your car's interior. Customizable with colored flake.

**Color Customization:** Our carbon fiber components are available in various colors message us directly if you want to do a custom color..

This 4-piece set is not just an addition to your vehicle; it's an upgrade that transforms your RX7's interior into a statement of high performance and exquisite taste. Make your car stand out with our premium interior set!

* Note - production can take between 4-6 weeks to make and professional installation is highly recommended. No returns are accepted on custom orders. 

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Cody Burns

RX7 FD3S Interior Carbon Trim Set