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Rx7 FD3S Door Sills

Rx7 FD3S Door Sills

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Premium Door Sills for FD3S RX7 - Available in Carbon Fiber and Forged Carbon

Transform the entryway of your FD3S RX7 with our elegantly designed door sills, crafted for those who appreciate a perfect blend of luxury and durability. Our door sills are available in two high-quality materials:

- **Carbon Fiber:** Choose the classic and sporty carbon fiber for a sleek, modern look that adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle's entry points. Renowned for its strength and lightweight properties, carbon fiber ensures both style and longevity.
- **Forged Carbon:** Select the unique forged carbon with its distinctive marbled appearance for an upscale and exclusive feel, enhancing the overall luxury of your RX7's interior.

**Color Variations:** Our carbon fiber door sills come in a diverse palette, be sure to check the photos for some of our options. We can also do a custom blend of colors on our forged pieces. 

Designed to provide both aesthetic appeal and protection to your vehicle's entry points, these door sills are an essential upgrade for any RX7 enthusiast. Elevate the experience of entering your car with our stylish and durable door sills!

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